Selected Discography

Know Vinyl EP Night School 2014
Ask 1 2 B 1 Lathe Cut 7" Cooper Cult 2013
Fingers Crossed Vinyl LP Public Information 2012
Nebulaes Cassette Brave Mysteries 2011
Split w/ Tempera Cassette Stunned 2011
Sobaki, Volki Cassette My Dance The Skull 2010
Split w/ Cursillistas Cassette Blackest Rainbow 2010
Split w/ Deep Magic Cassette Existential Cloth 2009
Love Cult Take Druss «Yr Problems» Vinyl LP Trensmat 2014
Istoki Download Petites Planètes 2013
Woodpecker Wooliams and Golden Cup Meet Love Cult «In Russia» Cassette Full of Nothing 2012
Easy Feelings Cassette SicSic 2011
The Way That You Are A2larm 2014
Russian Sadniss Radio Follow Me 2014
Hi Theft Playpoint Session 2014
Feel in the Face of Natural Phenomena Moisture 2014
No Sexiness OTO Radio 2013
Faux Community Last Resort / NTS Radio 2013
Life's an Insult, Each Country's a Joke Radio Corax 2013
Yr Voice Is Like a Long Fuck Rewind / Anne 2013
Things Are Worse in Russia No Fear Of Pop 2012
Das ist mein Tod W→O→S 2012